I’m Frances Lee.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative scholar with my fingers poked in many pies. I’m currently a Master’s candidate in the Cultural Studies program at the University of Washington at Bothell. My research interests alight at the crisscrossing of:

  • decolonial design
  • feminist human-computer interaction
  • queer theory
  • performance studies

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I’m a writer. I publish musings on queer kinship, community activism, and Asian American & Pacific Islander literature. In June, I published a personal essay on social justice activism that went viral.

I’m a trained visualUX designer.

I’m an advocate for the trans and gender non-conforming communities in Seattle, where I manage the production of the 2017 King County Trans Resource and Referral Guide.

I have facilitated workshops for educators, students and activists on digital security, zine-making, post-capitalism, and more.

Sometimes, I speak at tech community events about diversity, inclusion, and gender equity, as I previously advanced those issues when I worked at Indeed.com testing software.

My pronouns are they/them/their.