Photo by Erin Burrows

I’m Frances Lee.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative scholar who investigates culture, knowledge production, and matters of the heart. I’m a master’s student in Cultural Studies at the University of Washington at Bothell. My research interests are located at the junctures of activist culture and performance studies.

I’m a writer. I publish musings on queer kinship, community activism, and Asian American & Pacific Islander literature. I wrote a piece called “Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice” about dogmatic activist culture as it relates to call outs, instructive texts, and the quest for purity. I also published a follow up piece, “Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists”, on developing an ethics of activism.

I’m an advocate for the trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming communities in Seattle, where I managed the production of the 2017 King County Trans Resource and Referral Guide.

I’m also a trained visual & UX designer and recently worked in the Seattle tech industry.

My pronouns are they/them/their.

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Hire me

Do you have a project, problem, or organizational need that involves social justice or cultural change? I’ve worked in higher education, the anti-violence movement, the US non-profit sphere, online literary publishing, the tech industry, and more. Check out my current and past projects in the top menu. With my breadth of experience and training, I can apply my unique perspective to helping you understand and shift the specific culture of your group. I offer:

  • Advising/Consulting
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Custom Resources Kits
  • Public Speaking
  • Manuscript Review
  • Or, pitch me your new idea!

Talk with me

I am also looking to engage in more collaborative community-facing art projects. Check out the Projects section above for past creative works. With my social justice and compassion-centered ethic, I can offer:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Project Management
  • Or, pitch me your new idea!

To initiate a request, you can contact me using this form. Please include as much information as you can about dates/timeline, location, honorarium/rates, and travel. Please note, I am in the thick of finishing my master’s capstone, so for the moment, my availability is limited until Summer 2018. However, I would still love to hear from you and examine the potential seeds for collaboration.